We’re all about the fun. Team Modern Currency work hard, and we play hard. We’re really lucky because in the agency life, we get to create and run a lot of events, and events are the best way to tick both of these boxes. We love getting in amongst the crowd and helping the brands we represent have a presence. We might help by simply showing our support and using our public relations, marketing and communications skills to tell people about why we are passionate about our brands, and why they should be passionate too. But we also love getting more involved, putting on some gear, becoming a true part of the team and handing out treats and merchandise to the audience. It sure is a lot of fun!

Promoting and merchandising is exactly what we did for one of our major tech and Internet clients, Spirit Telecom last Sunday.

For those of you who don’t know about Spirit, they’re one of our enterprise clients. An ASX listed super company who have been rated as Australia’s fastest Internet provider*. Spirit are here with their own network to save Australians from the slow, expensive NBN. They’re expanding into new parts of Australia all the time with speeds of up to 200Mbps for residential customers, and an INSANE 1Gbps for businesses!

Spirit are a telco with a twist, they provide voice and Internet services with a friendly, vibrant tone that you can easily get on board with! Their customer service is a+, finally an approachable Internet company that gets involved with their customers on social media. They’re a great company to run marketing for because just like us, they have fun.

One of the ways that Spirit has fun is by powering The Block with their super-fast Internet. This season, The Block renovated The Gatwick in St Kilda, and Spirit had their back by hooking up the cast and crew with their super-fast Internet. This helped the Blockheads research, plan and shop online for their renovations, and helped the crew power all the work behind the scenes on a daily basis.

Brand Renovations Spirit

The Spirit crew doing their thing on the roof of The Gatwick.


Modern Currency jumped right into the deep end with Spirit’s partnership on The Block by blogging, consulting and spreading the news on social media as much as possible! Then we capped it all off by helping the team “spread the Spirit” at this years “The Block Open For Inspection”.

In a crowd of over 15,000 people, we helped Spirit tell everyone about their free WiFi on the day, talked all about their great brand, got people base jumping off a cliff in a virtual reality activation and even handed out free VR Goggles to the crowd.

Spirit free wi fi

The Spirit tent with Free WiFi!

Secret squirrel Virtual Reality Goggles!

Secret squirrel Virtual Reality Goggles!

Base jumping Virtual Reality at Spirit’s Marquee.

Base jumping Virtual Reality at Spirit’s Marquee.

We had a great time helping out team Spirit, we really hope we can do it again next year!

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* Spirit was Named Australia’s “Fastest Overall ISP 2015” by PC Mag