CARMEX® Australia released a game-changing new product in 2021, CARMEX® Naturally: a natural certified and clinically proven lip balm. 

To help launch this new lip balm range, we undertook a paid influencer campaign to increase product awareness. 

Influencers have become a valuable channel for product marketing, giving brands the opportunity to get in front of a captivated audience. By aligning with influencers who have shared values, speak to the target demographic, and have a genuine interest or connection with the product, brands are able to tap into new audiences and potentially gain new customers and sales. 

The CARMEX Naturally campaign ran for approximately eight weeks, with influencers publishing content in the form of Instagram Reels, static feed posts and stories throughout June, July and August, to coincide with the launch of the range in pharmacies and major supermarkets Australia-wide.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness about CARMEX Naturally, highlight its unique benefits, and drive sales. The seven influencers involved in the campaign were selected based on their fit with the brand or previous relationship with CARMEX to ensure the content created was genuine and authentic. They were then provided with a detailed brief, which outlined CARMEX Naturally’s key ingredients, benefits, and availability. 

Here are our top tips to consider when planning a paid influencer campaign: 

  1. Outline your campaign objectives first and ensure they are measurable. This will help you select the influencers most appropriate to your campaign.
  2. Ensure all parties are clear on budget and key deliverables right from the outset to avoid any surprises during and after the campaign.  
  3. Timing is everything. Make sure your collateral (brief, key messages & posting dates) are available prior to engaging with talent/ talent managers to prevent delays and to guarantee you have time to review/ edit content well before it goes live.. 
  4. Consider engaging in new content trends when organising an Instagram campaign. For example, due to Instagram’s updated algorithm, Instagram Reels are receiving preference over other types of content. It is important to stay up to date with this industry knowledge to ensure your campaign reaches the largest audience possible. 

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