Written by Ashlee Marsico, Senior Communications Specialist

As Exodus Travels’ communications agency, we dabble in public relations, media buy, design, famils and digital marketing across Australia and New Zealand. We are lucky enough to work alongside the team at Exodus Travels at their Australian HQ. 

Leading tour operator, Exodus Travels has been sending travellers across the globe on incredible, off the beaten track adventures for 46 years. 

One of our favourite campaigns with Exodus was the launch of The Exodus Travels Foundation. 

What is the foundation? 

The Exodus Travels Foundation is an initiative that aims to promote responsible and sustainable tourism across the globe. 

The foundation is an extension of Exodus’ core values; to ensure local communities benefit from tourism in their regions, and to educate and inspire travellers to take responsibility for their impact when they travel.

How did they plan to showcase it? 

Highlighting their incredible work, one of Exodus Travels’ initiatives within the foundation is a 22-minute documentary, Ngumu, which explores the story of pioneering young female porters changing the face of Mt Kilimanjaro through the trekking experience of Team Great Britain Hockey champion and Olympic Gold Medallist, Crista Cullen. 

Ngumu was filmed by Olly Pemberton, Exodus’ award-winning director. 

How did Modern Currency help? 


We worked closely with the Australasian Territory Manager and Marketing Manager to invite key media to the launch events in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. 

The hook?

Not only did we plan to showcase the documentary Ngumu during the event, but we also had talented director, Olly Pemberton, fly down from the UK to lead as the key speaker. 

Our job was to invite key media in the travel industry, brief both Exodus and Olly on the media attending (who they wrote for, what types of pieces they usually worked on and any important facts prior to meeting them) as well as attend the events to greet the media and keep them informed on all exciting things in the pipeline for Exodus. 

Public Relations:

Our team worked on an insightful and informative press release that announced the foundation and its initiatives. This release was tailored to different types of media including travel, lifestyle, trade and business. 

In addition to inviting key media to the events, we also worked on securing interview opportunities for Olly while he was in Australia. 

One of the opportunities we secured was an interview with the talented Belinda Jackson. Belinda Jackson is a well-respected freelance travel journalist whose work appears frequently in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Voyeur (Virgin Australia), Jetstar magazine and the likes. 

The end result? 

An expert travel tip article that was featured in Traveller.com.au and the Traveller lift out of Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.  You can view here.


Our talented team designed the invitation for each three events (which met a detailed brief), created an A4 flyer for a competition (another hook to get travel and trade media attending), and designed a life-sized infographic for Exodus Travels.  

If you’d like to find out more about our work, how we can help you, or if you’re simply up for chat, please get in touch with us at hello@moderncurrency.com.au.