Written by Megan Chambers, Senior Communications Manager

The coffee legends over at ST ALi came to us with a master plan of releasing the world’s first take-home ‘Learn to Taste Coffee.’ course. As lovers of a good brew, and a passion for launching new products, we couldn’t really say no.

The course was set up to take you through four learning modules made up of a sequence of coffees curated for the purpose of teaching. It gave you a chance to compare coffees next to each other, in the comfort of your own home, to find out how different aspects of the coffee change its taste.

The ST ALi team wanted us to come on board with public relations, influencers marketing and event planning to get this epic course out far and wide, and that we did.

So how did we go about launching this world first?

We organised intimate launch events, influencer outreach and supported it with ongoing media pitching. Having a multi-pronged approach meant we were able to spread the word, and love, through many different channels, fast.

On the day of the launch we hosted our first morning coffee cupping session at ST ALi, this was full of our favourite foodie bloggers and influencers from across Melbourne. This event created a lot of #sociallove, which helped to get the product and the brand name onto the social feeds of thousands.

Our second launch event was a chance for Melbourne-based media to come down and try the course and understand the functions so they could spread the word to their readers.

Then we hit our emails, hard. There were so many great aspects to the course that we were able to create a range of releases and blast to target different media and work on the timeliest angles to get the story out into the public domain.

So the results, the nitty gritty’s, the things we’re most proud of were:

·  The epic on-air cupping session we organized with 3AW’s A Moveable Feast, where Salvatore Malatesta took Kate and Ross through a tasting and discussed the courses function. Taking coffee to the airwaves;

·  A filming with Herald Sun, which saw Kara Irving come down to ST ALi to go through a mini coffee tasting and interview with Lucy Ward, ST ALi’s coffee buyer;

·  ‘Learn to Taste Coffee.’ was picked up by The Store by Fairfax, which meant a whole new audience of potential buyers looking at the product;

·  We secured coverage in a range of print and online platforms including; The Herald Sun, The Urban List, Australian Food News, Women’s Health & Fitness, Delicious. On Sunday, Queensland Taste, SmartCompany Onya Magazine, Beat Magazine, Lifestyle Food Online, among many more!