Written by Megan Chambers, Senior Communications Manager

The impact of COVID-19 on the media landscape continues to unravel before our eyes and some of the recent changes may impact your PR efforts and strategies moving forward.

The current crisis and Bauer Media’s recent acquisition of Pacific Magazines has unfortunately resulted in a large number of journalists being axed or stood down from their roles. 

At the same time, it’s understood that Bauer has had to suspend Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, OK! and NW magazine print titles. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the company has said, “The decision to resume print publication will be made once the trading environment improves.”  

There are talks that there will be even more print suspensions on the way, with Men’s Health and Women’s Health potentially up next.

All of these changes to the Australian media landscape have come after Bauer closed its New Zealand offices in early April.

So what does this mean for PRs and brands?

While the loss of some print titles is devastating, not only for readers, but also for the hundreds of incredible journalists who will be impacted by these changes, the good news is that there are still lots of print magazines being made and the online space is thriving. 

Head online and look outside of your usual go-tos

Now to Love is the home of OK! and NW magazines online, while ELLE and Harper’s have their own platforms, so instead of pitching for print, pitch for online opportunities.

When it comes to brand awareness, ensure you’re pitching to all magazines and platforms, big and small. There are great independent magazines and smaller online publications that will still get you in front of your audience. While massive readership is great, it doesn’t mean that smaller audiences are less engaged, or less likely to buy your product or service.

Be timely

If you’re pitching an announcement to media, make sure you’re looking at what kind of articles those publications are pushing out at the moment. We’re living in a COVID-19 world and this needs to be taken into account when pitching.

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