While everything seems to be getting faster in the realm of marketing, the one thing that is slowing down is the customer journey. With ecommerce on the rise and the economy looking to slow to Great Depression-era lows, it becomes harder and harder to get an instant sale as consumers are overwhelmed by the variety of choices they have. 

This is where touchpoints come in. They are the moments of connection that consumers have with your brand; seeing a mention in a news article, seeing an ad on Instagram, seeing your founder on a talk show. These small moments may not stand out to the consumer in the moment, but when they are looking to make their next purchase, their recognition of your brand will cut through the noise. 

Touchpoints are not something to be afraid of. Though consumers are needing more and more (research has stated some people need up to 12) touchpoints to cement the desired action, these touchpoints are so much easier to create. 

Where advertisers once had to put all of their budget behind one or two huge projects, with the advent of the internet marketing has become far more agile, with the ability to be reactive and change tact where needed. This has resulted in more complex targeted strategies that can be tailored to any budget. 

With a varied marketing mix, you can make sure your brand is hitting your customers from every angle – in a positive, non-violent, way. While a list of possible consumer touchpoints would take up your whole day, let’s have a quick look at some ways that your brand can reach your audience. 

Use your data 

The amount that can be done to track website visitors, social media users and anyone who views your digital ads can actually be quite shocking. For a marketer, it is a dream as we can make sure that people are seeing your messaging over and over, gathering those touchpoints and keeping your brand front-of-mind. For a conspiracy theorist, it is a nightmare involving robot overlords. 

It’s not all digital 

The most valuable touchpoints can be physical. We often talk with our clients about the importance of experiential marketing and having your audience touch, feel and immerse themselves in your brand. This is why, despite a shift towards digital, marketing strategies continue to employ events and activations (when we’re not social distancing of course) – because they actually work! 

That’s where PR comes in 

The value of traditional public relations can be hard to comprehend as there is often no direct link between PR and a sale. PR is all about creating touchpoints, positive connections between a brand and their target market. When a brand is mentioned in the media the consumer may not be able to directly click through and purchase an item, but it has created a touchpoint and got them thinking about you, which can be far more valuable in the long run. 

If you are looking to create more touch points between your brand and your stakeholders, look no further. We are experts at creating a diverse marketing mix to ensure you are reaching your potential customers and turning them into loyal fans. If you want to know how we can help your brand, reach out to hello@moderncurrency.com.au 

Written by Shannon Hudson, PR and Creative Coordinator.