As a communications agency, we dabble in marketing on the daily; my personal favourite being electronic direct marketing (or eDMs as we know and love them by).

You would have experienced your fair share of eDMs over the years, whether it was a quick sign up to get a discount off your purchase, or you entered a competition using your email and then were added to a database… and whether you love them or hate them as a consumer, eDMs are an impactful way to create brand awareness and foster direct communication with customers.

So, if you’re a brand wanting to jump on the proven success of digital marketing, keep reading for our top tips on how to create effective eDMs:

1. Let’s get this (eDM) party started 

Firstly you’ll need to create an account on an email marketing platform. At MC, we love using MailChimp, but there are plenty of other platforms that you can experiment with. Find what is best for you and your brand. By doing this, you have now created the hub for your database. Whether your audience is signing up to your newsletter through your website, the Instagram sign up form or the ol’ manual entries – all contact information can be hosted here. 

2. Consistency is key

Now that you have your database set up, don’t go crazy on the sendout! Your audience will get sick of you in a saturated sea of eDMs and easily click the ‘unsubscribe button’. Consistency is key here, so make sure you are sending either relevant and newsworthy eDMs on a regular, but not too regular, basis. You could try rolling out monthly ‘updates’ to keep people intrigued with your brand, and then add new eDMs in between showcasing a new offering, or exciting news that can’t wait for the end of month.

3. Get the design right

Of course, we can’t all be creatives, but getting the design of your eDM right is a great way to instantly engage your customers from a visual point of view, before they even read what you have to say! Keep your colours, images and fonts consistent with your branding, but ensure that all text (at least body copy – you can get a little fancy on the headlines) are clear and easy to read. If you’re freaking out thinking, ‘I don’t know how to do this!?’, we’d recommend trying Canva, as they have great templates that you can follow if you’re stuck.

The best part about getting the design right is once you have a template nailed, you can repurposed it for every eDM and only change images and text!

4. Strong subject line and clear CTA

It’s super important that you make your subject line as appealing as possible for every eDM. If you are hosting a giveaway on Instagram and are featuring it in the eDM, then try putting “Win a prize pack valued at $X’ in the subject line. You want to put the most exciting part of your email as a subject in order to draw your audience in and make sure you are using concise language. We often find clickbait emails don’t work (Like ‘SALE, SALE, SALE’) and often get filtered into junk mail, so be clear and deliberate with each word. There is no point putting time and effort into an eDM if nobody opens it (ouch!).

Secondly, once your audience has opened your email, you want to make sure that you have clear CTAs (or call to actions). What is it exactly that you want your audience to do? Whatever it is: follow your brand on Instagram, visit your website, read a blog or a recipe – make sure you have a nice and clear button to click on in order to persuade them to act. It also helps if you remind them WHY you want them to click on a certain place. I.e ‘Follow us on Instagram for daily updates and frequent giveaways’ or ‘read our blog for fun and easy tips on how you can X, Y & Z’.

There you have it! Four tips on how to up your digital marketing game. If you have any questions, please drop us a line at or, as we would LOVE to help out.

By Modern Currency