As a marketing and public relations agency, you may have noticed we say this all the time, but digital marketing is nothing without a strategy, and an effective strategy is nothing without a defined target audience. There are a lot of places in life where we recommend throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks (these things include: cake recipes, what to watch on TV and where to go for brunch on Sunday) but not when it comes to preparing your digital ad campaigns. 

The importance of knowing your target audience is twofold; you need to know what messages to share and where to share them. If you have laid out your 

So, you may be thinking ‘well that’s all well and good but how do I know who to target?!’ Let me walk you through how we go about defining the best audience for your marketing campaign. 

Start with who you want to target 

It’s your brand after all! The creation of a comprehensive branding document will include a whole section on who your ideal customer is. During our branding sessions, we will walk you through a series of questions that help us define exactly who your brand is looking to speak to. This will help you define everything from your logo, to your tone of voice, to the actual product or service you are providing. Your ideal customer should be front of mind when you are creating every element of your brand. Think about their age, gender, socioeconomic status, whether they have a dog or a cat, how they consume their media. Anything you need to create a full picture of who you’re looking to appeal to. We even give them names, it may sound a little creepy but it works, we promise. 

Then move on to who is actually purchasing your brand 

Even if you have the best laid plans in your branding document, things may turn out differently when your brand is out in the market. Whether you’re not even sure who your brand is appealing to anymore or you’re looking to expand your brand appeal, we couldn’t recommend market research more. There are so many ways to ascertain who is purchasing your product and what they think about it, and this data is integral in the targeting of digital marketing campaigns. Through your social media, website, email database and google analytics you can paint a strong picture of who is paying attention to your brand, but you can’t tell exactly what they’re thinking unless you actually ask them. Surveys and focus groups provide a great overview of the thoughts and feelings of your audience. They allow you to ask specific questions and collate answers that will help you in the creation of your campaigns. 

Test the waters 

Once you have done all of your research and planning, it’s time to get those ads rolling, baby! The best thing about digital marketing is its flexibility, the creation of a strong, effective campaign includes targeting different groups to determine who responds best to each message and piece of creative you are looking to share. We call them funnels, with each smaller campaign working towards the larger goal. This is yet another way to determine who your brand most appeals to and the more digital campaigns you run, the more understanding you will get about your audience and the more you will learn how to diversify from that as well. 

Working out your target audience takes a lot of research and investment in the growth of your brand and success of your campaigns. Though they may not be determined in a quick google search, the results of knowing who you’re aiming for will be shown in spades when you see the return on investment from your digital marketing campaigns. 

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