As a diverse PR and marketing agency, we work with brands across all facets of the marketing mix, from PR, social media, digital marketing, direct to consumer marketing, content creation, design, issues and crisis management and, of course, influencer marketing. So it’s safe to say we know a trick or two about how to get your money’s worth from your influencer campaigns.

Influencer marketing exploded around five years ago as the power of social media/networking was realised. With the industry set to be worth over $5 billion by 2020 here are our tips to get the best return from this method. 

In a world that grasps onto trends, with a rise in fake accounts and ‘influencers’ that do not have an organic following, we understand there is a risk of brands getting themselves trapped into contracts with the wrong crowd. Our key tips:

Find the best fit influencers.

There is no point in trying to work with an influencer whose feed/aesthetic is based around fitness and holistic wellness to start promoting your new fast food delivery system. Nor would it be financially viable to gift ludicrous amounts of product/service to an influencer without great engagement rates or a small following. Tools such as Klear and Scrunch are here to help and can be a godsend when managing your own influencer campaigns. 

  • Klear will connect you with influencers specific to your needs. Being on multiple platforms and not just boosting Instagram as the only method of promotion.
  • Scrunch, while similar, collates the data from influencer posts now that Instagram has removed the visibility of ‘likes’.

Understand the difference between Contra Collaborations and Paid Posting.

Contra gifting is like social sampling. There is absolutely no guarantee an influencer will post about your brand but it’s about getting them hooked on the product so they share it because they truly love it, not because they’re contractually obliged to. Paid posting, on the other hand, gives you full creative control. Dictating the deliverables, the copy, the image even sometimes – because simply put everyone needs to make money.

Think outside the box, Instagram is not the only platform.

When we say influencer, one’s mind automatically travels to a Sunday morning scroll of an Instagram feed full of everyone promoting something. 

Be sure to make use of those that have multiple platforms. Google reviews, eDM send-outs, blog posts about the product/service or even a mention/review in a podcast!

Don’t shy aware from Micro- and Nano-influencers.

Smaller influencers have a much more engaging and loyal audience base thus showing to have higher levels of engagement as opposed to macro-influencer counterparts. 

Keep in mind how valuable influencers are, and how they can effectively create authentic brand recommendations to the ad-blind customers that your brand wants to reach. Budget accordingly and make sure your brand is represented by the right fit online influencers.

If you’re new with introducing influencers to your brand, we’re always here to lend a helping hand, so drop a line and say hello!

Written by Chloe O’Donahoo, PR & Communications Assistant.