Right now, the world is facing challenges like no other time most of would remember. Our worlds have completely changed and business as usual is no longer. As a marketing communications agency, the services we offer including public relations, marketing, events, content creation and social media need to be adjusted as we to grapple with constant change. Because let’s face it, there is nothing usual about the situation we find ourselves in and there is a whole heap of uncertainty when we look to the future. 

As a business owner, you’re no doubt dealing with a lot of anxiety, stress, and financial uncertainty. If you’re still operating, you’re questioning how to keep your team employed, how to pivot your messaging, how to ensure you can still generate revenue when everyone is bunkering down and not spending. 

There is no way to sugar coat it, it’s a tough position to be in. But, if you can, now is a great time to harness the power of public relations and communications to bolster your business, introduce your brand to a new audience, and not just keep things ticking along, but ideally, setting you up in a stronger position to come out the other side of this. Here’s why. 

The media landscape has united to support small business

One of the beautiful signs amongst the COVID19 crisis has been the Australian media landscape banding together to support more small businesses than ever before. Previously, PR and securing media coverage for your business was tough without already holding the relationships with journalists, without a knack for creating stories that were newsworthy, without a big name attached to what you were doing, or without a completely unique offering that hasn’t been seen before. However, if you’re a small business, now is the perfect time to generate PR for your brand; journalists are seeking out small businesses to talk about, they’re looking for businesses that have had to pivot their offering to adapt to the new world we’re in, and importantly, the Australian audience is keen to support these businesses where they can. 

News consumption is up

With the nature of the COVID19 crisis unfolding before us, every day is different, announcements are being made by the Government in an almost daily manner, so it’s no surprise that we’re consuming more and more news media. We’re seeking out articles on the crisis, but we’re also looking for distraction, we’re wanting to read about brands who are now offering contactless delivery, we want to know what wines we can get delivered to our door, we want to know what easy and cheap meals we can prepare at home, and we want to know that we’re supporting our economy and Australian business as much as possibly can. The consumption of general consumer news is up, which means there are more opportunities for you as a brand to be included in these pieces and to have mass media exposure. 

So, why should you jump on this? You’ve got a myriad of other things on your plate a moment, so why ‘waste’ time reaching out to journalists? 

Third party endorsement

This from a PR context hasn’t changed given the crisis. Owned channels like your social media accounts and website are fantastic and they need to represent your brand in the correct way. However, the beauty of PR is that you’re not just relying on your own voice to call out how great you are, you’re utilising the power of a trusted, independent, third party to call out how great you are. Media houses have built up their followings, their reputation and trust with their audiences; this alone, is an incredibly powerful thing to tap into for a brand, and genuine PR is the only way to secure this. 

Cost effective 

Running ads on your social media, paying influencers to promote your product or competing on Google for page ranking are all great avenues to gain brand exposure and get your products in front of people, but they are all pay to play platforms, and the ‘pay’ element can add up quickly. Genuine PR on the other hand, doesn’t cost a thing when you’re running it yourself. It’s one of the most cost effective tactics in the marketing mix, and arguably (I’m a PR professional, so am a little bias) one of the most impactful and powerful tools in the marketing mix for generating genuine brand results. 

It’s all about touch points 

Repetition, key messages and ongoing communication with your audience during this time is crucial. PR adds another level to your touch points in your marketing mix, it has the power to bring people into your marketing funnel and convert them into customers. Aligning your PR strategy and messaging alongside your marketing initiatives will give you a consistent, onbrand and cohesive message to your consumers. This will enable you to generate a series of touchpoints – think newspapers, magazines, social media, your website, etc. – that are all communicating a similar message at a similar time. 

If you think that Public Relations can be useful or want to chat about whether you should be diving into this world, drop us a line at michelle@moderncurrency.com.au

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