Written by Shannon Hudson, PR & Creative Coordinator

Driving engagement on your social media channels can be a hard nut to crack. You can be posting fantastic content and regular intervals and still not see that jump in likes, follows and shares. As a PR & Marketing agency immersed in the digi-sphere we understand what it takes to succeed at social media, how you can get an understanding of who those customers are and what your business can be doing to better meet their needs. 

Do you ever feel like you’re putting a lot of content into the world but not getting much back? Follow our top tips to increasing engagement and see your analytics flourish, and your customers smile. 

Be educational, in a fun way 

You’re an expert in what you do, so share that with the world. If you set up your social media like a digital shopfront to show off your products, most windowshoppers will walk straight past. The key to bringing in the followers is to teach them something they did not know before. Set up your page so that it is a hub of knowledge and discussion. 

This can be done through informative Q&As, webinars, instructional videos, graphic tiles – there’s a thousand ways to impart your wisdom over socials. 

User generated content is the way forward 

We’re all for creating gorgeous curated content for brands – in fact, we’re professionals at it – but it is not the only way to populate your social medias. There’s so many creatives out there that could be working to create some of the content for you, and they’ll be buying your product too! 

If your followers think there is a chance to be shared across your page, they will be more likely to post about their experience with your product. Once you share their picture, the consumer will feel a more personal attachment to the brand and will probably be more likely to come back to you. 

Find out more about your followers 

Market research and focus groups used to take a huge amount of time and money, and though they still have their place, ‘mini’ market research is an easy way to get the lay of the land. Through conducting polls, questionnaires and quizzes on your Facebook or Instagram, you can find out what your customers want to see on your page, while also collecting those precious clicks. People are lazy, they’ll engage if it is a single anonymous interaction, so why not play into it?

If you are looking for strong social media strategies that will drive engagement across your channels, then look no further. At Modern Currency, we know that there are a lot more tips where these came from and we’re experts at creating content that creates a community across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, we’re even aboard the Tik Tok train. If you want to see how your social media engagement can skyrocket, drop us a line at hello@moderncurrency.com.au.