We’re a versatile PR and marketing agency and we have clients from a diverse range of industries, so we often talk (maybe even brag, we’re pretty proud!) about how some of our clients are adjusting their business practices for the current climate. However, we understand that not all businesses are able to, or interested in, changing in these massive ways. Even if you aren’t pivoting like Ross in Friends, there are smaller steps that can be taken to ensure that you’re staying on top of your marketing and use the down time to your advantage. 

Here are four things to get in order so that your marketing strategy can come out of isolation bigger and better than ever. 

Solidify your branding 

Businesses often start out with the founders’ vision front of mind but as they grow larger and more employees are brought into the mix, it can get lost in the shuffle. Sitting down (over Zoom) and having an in-depth branding session with your business’ key stakeholders is imperative to ensure that everyone is viewing the business in the same light and working towards the same goals. Branding sessions can be lengthy but the resulting ease with which you can develop synergetic strategies for marketing, operations and business growth will astound you. 

Once you have a branding document we can guarantee it will become your bible. With your mission, vision and the essence of who you are laid out in one clear document, you’ll never have another identity crisis again.  

Create a bank of content 

You know how sometimes you’re so busy socialising at a party that you get home and realise you didn’t take any pictures? Work can get a bit like that too. With everything else there is to focus on, content can fall through the cracks. This is the perfect time to dedicate to creating a bank of content that you can use over the coming weeks and months. Take some pictures, create some graphics and try dip your toe into a type of content you’ve never tried before. There will be a time where it feels appropriate to post a fun GIF again – so why not create it now? 

Hot tip: If your business usually operates in a physical space such as a retail store or an office, now is the perfect time for a single photographer to head in and take some shots of the space while it’s all clean, tidy and empty! 

Work on your data collection 

Data is the cornerstone of digital marketing; email addresses are like nuggets of gold in our business. Now is the best possible time to work on collecting those nuggets so that you can use them to your advantage at a later date. Consumers are spending more time than ever scrolling on their phones and they have the time to stop for a second and type in their email addresses, so take advantage of it! Think about incentives that would get people to pass on their details – we could think of about 100 but we can’t give away all our secrets, can we? 

Bonus points if you work on creating data pools based on your customers’ interests and devise a strategy of how and when to target these groups. 

Deep dive into your analytics 

You may have read an Instagram post or seventeen about how isolation is the ideal time for reflection. We have to agree. Even if you don’t want to sit down and think about your own personal flaws – we’re all coffee addicts and we’re choosing to ignore it – make sure you do it for your business. What are consumers responding to? What sources are leading to the most click-throughs to your website? What are you spending a bunch of time on that resonates with very few people? 

Go through your Google analytics, your Facebook business manager, ads manager and every other source of data you can possibly find. Use a fine-tooth comb and be honest with yourself, this time allows you to re-strategise what isn’t working and tackle your problems in a new way. 

No matter how your business has been affected by the constantly evolving social distancing laws, these steps are ones that will see you come out of this turmoil more focused, strategic and with the ability to get your brand in front of many more eyes.

Written by Shannon Hudson, PR & Creative Coordinator.