Written by Megan Chambers, Senior Communications Manager

There are many facets to the world of PR, but one of the most exciting is seeing your clients’ products or services in the media. A mention in a print, an online publication, on radio, or TV can do absolutely wonders for a brand. But did you know there’s a way you can amplify your PR wins beyond the media outlet’s audience?

How you utilise your PR wins can have a huge impact on your reach, brand awareness, and brand credibility. Here’s our top tops for amplifying your PR wins:

Take it social

Get that feature on your socials ASAP! Not only do you want to share this news with your audience, you also want to have it on your page so new followers can see how loved your products are. Encourage people to grab the issue you’re in, or jump online to see your feature in full.

Don’t forget to also add your feature to your Instagram stories. Create a ‘Media’  highlight so this coverage is always front and centre on your IG profile going forward. 

Put spend behind it

A little bit of social spend on Facebook and Instagram can go a long way. If you have time on your hands, or a marketing team to help, then we would suggest creating a strategic and targeted ad campaign that delivers results. Through an ad campaign, you have the opportunity to direct your audience where you want them to go (whether that be an online article, or straight to your online store), you can get creative with your audience and target those who have visited your website recently, or perhaps you want to target people in a certain location, or those who have a birthday coming up.

Putting a paid spend behind your campaign will increase your visibility and can drive traffic and sales.

Add it to your website

On your website, create a news section where you can share relevant brand news and media hits. Think of your PR wins as media testimonials/

Adding an ‘As seen in’ section on your website can also give you a space to  add publication logos without the need for the full feature. It’s a quick and easy way to build brand credibility and influence those visiting your website.

While it’s great to highlight PR wins as they happen, you can still amplify older wins if they’re still relevant to your brand. 

If you would like to chat more about the best strategies to continue building brand awareness and creating positive media mentions, get in touch!