Written by Chloe O’Donahoo, PR & Communications Assistant.

The PR & Marketing industry relies heavily on networking – an easy task for some but a dreaded moment for others. At Modern Currency we believe that having an established network is a critical factor of our professional lives. 

Now ‘networking’ is so much more than an awkward conversation at an event, or following someone on LinkedIn. While it is definitely a factor, there is so much more to it. 

Networking can provide a range of benefits including the exchange of knowledge, resources and ideas that can take your marketing skills and agency work to the next level but can build friendships along the way. 

So whether you’re a pro networker, a just-starting-out networker or a complete introvert that needs help – we’ve pulled together the best advice we’ve received to make this what can be a daunting task, a little bit easier. 

Change your mindset

The way we talk to ourselves often determines how we think and act. Positive self talk leads to a positive mind set, so get on top of your negative-self talk and you’ll hold your head 10 times higher walking into that room.

Go in as yourself and leave as yourself.

No one finds it interesting when you spend 10 minutes chewing off someone’s ear trying to sell your personal brand to them. When you strike up a conversation with someone keep it calm, casual and genuine. 

Be Strategic

Networking is a skill beyond a numbers game. In the long run, you will be much better off with 1 quality contact, than 20 useless connections. Our advice is to network with a plan in mind – whether you’re at an event or sparking up conversations via LinkedIn, don’t waste your time building your ‘overall’ number. Go in with a plan, for instance at an event, before you have one too many free champagnes, set a goal to have a meaningful conversation with at least 3 people.

Always follow up.

Don’t say you will connect with someone via email or LinkedIn then pull out on doing so. Make your mark and connect, keep your name relevant and let them know how nice it was to meet them. A lovely gesture that will make you all the more memorable and favourable to your new contact the next time you hit their inbox. Our tip? After the conversation, make a note of their name and something significant you chatted about to keep in your little black book. An easy refer-to later down the track.

Building a network is essential to any brand, personal or business. We’re always on the hunt for like minded innovators like us, so drop us a line at hello@moderncurrency.com.au.