Written by Jessica Duca, PR Account Executive

Influencer Marketing has been a popular means to increase brand awareness and it has been on the rise, particularly over the last couple of years. 

For those businesses struggling through COVID-19,  you may be wondering whether you should discontinue or hold off on starting your influencer marketing until things ramp up again.

We completely understand that all businesses are in different situations at the moment, but for those businesses who have an online presence or have been able to trade through the current crisis,  we’ve seen first hand that influencer marketing can be beneficial during times like these and here’s why…

  1. It’s about keeping your brand in the forefront of consumer minds – it is vital to remind consumers that your brand still exists and that you’re open for business. Whether you want to relay your new opening hours, an online promotion, or a new way of working during the crisis, utilise influencers to spread your message outside of just your current followers.
  2. It’s a chance to leverage off the increased use of social media – with many people now finding they have more spare time up their sleeves, they have an increased attention toward social media platforms to fill in the gaps. According to a recent Forbes article, engagement has increased by a whopping 61% over normal usage rates on social media. This means there’s an even greater opportunity for your brand to reach even more people than ever before through these platforms.
  3. Making use of cheaper rates – whilst many brands are in panic mode and have ceased their influencer marketing tactics, many influencers have found themselves out of work. This has therefore elicited a drop in their rates, making macro influencers more affordable than ever before. So what does this mean? Someone who might align extremely well with your brand and who has a very high reach and engagement, might now sit within your budget – time to get booking quickly!
  4. Additional content to add to your strategy – With extreme restrictions in place around the world causing limits on businesses, you may find that you’re now running low on content as you might not have been able to go ahead with scheduled shoots and events as planned. Many influencers make a living out of curating engaging and visually pleasing content, so you’ll be able to re-use and re-purpose their user-generated content for use across your own social media channels.
  5. Increased conversions – whilst you might feel like no one is interested in purchasing your product/service right now, using the right influencers might actually sway consumers to feel the need and drive to complete a purchase with you ASAP. Perhaps the potential customer was already aware of your brand, however, with the trusted recommendation of someone they follow and regularly listen to, this might just help to get them over the line.

At Modern Currency we continuously see and recognise how effective influencer marketing has been for our clients. For those continued to run influencer marketing campaigns, these clients have been able to recognise and review first hand how effective this tactic has been in driving awareness, engagement and sales conversions. 

Putting an influencer marketing campaign in place at this time may feel overwhelming, but the power to drive brand awareness and sales is there and we’re here to help you make it happen!