Written by Shannon Hudson, PR & Creative Coordinator

What is the difference between an influencer marketing campaign and an ambassadorship? Well, while these terms can be defined differently based on the organisation, generally they can be separated like this; sponsored posts are when you pay someone with influence to promote your product, this can be once or multiple times. Ambassadors, one the other hand, have a larger, more lengthy relationship with the brand. They will likely do sponsored social media posts but may also be involved in events, PR campaigns and featured in advertising. 

Now, one can easily lead to the other. Your influencers can easily become ambassadors if you invest in a longer relationship with them. There is definitely space for both shorter and longer campaigns within a strong marketing mix, so let’s take a look at the benefits of both. 

When is influencer marketing best?

We have written before about why influencer marketing is important to brands and it is commonly known that employing influencers to post for your campaign can create a really strong impact. There is a breadth to an influencer campaign that you don’t get from bringing on a singular ambassador.  

If you are looking to conduct a short, sharp campaign to get some eyes on your brand and highlight a specific message – say, the release of a new product – a strategic influencer campaign can work wonders. You can choose the exact audience you are looking to target, the exact messaging that is portrayed and can tailor your strategy to any budget. 

Why invest in an ambassador? 

An ambassador is truly aligned with your brand, getting involved in multiple aspects of your business and marketing strategy. They become linked to the brand in the consumer’s mind – think about the connection between Nespresso and George Clooney, or Nike and Michael Jordan. The ambassador’s personal brand becomes intertwined with that of your business, linking the two in a lasting relationship. 

The signing of an ambassador can also offer strong public relations opportunities. As a part of their contract, they will likely be asked to conduct interviews with media surrounding your partnership, they can also be great special guests or hosts for your brand’s events. There is so many different aspects of an ambassadorship that can be implemented into their contact to ensure that your brand is getting the publicity you require from the partnership. 

It is all about thinking strategically and making sure you choose the right ambassador/s. Ones that you will be proud to align your brand with and who’s audience will relate to what your brand is offering. Once you have decided on the right person, it is equally important to ensure the terms of this partnership fit your goals and your budget. When done with intent, a strong ambassadorship can elevate your brand to a household name. 

If you are looking at implementing an effective marketing strategy that includes influencer marketing and ambassadorships, you’ve come to the right place. Hit us up at hello@moderncurrency.com.au to create a plan that works for you.