When looking at the insights on your Instagram page, there is now one important metric that rules them all; saves! 

The world of social media moves in trends. From algorithm updates, to buzzwords, to genuine nuggets of strategic gold, it can be hard for social media managers to wade through the ever-changing waves of advice. More recently, discourse has highlighted an important Instagram feature that has been lurking in the shadows for years, and this one is a goodie. 

Why are saves important? 

They like you, they really like you! Saves are the ultimate form of flattery on Instagram, as it shows that not only is your content engagement-worthy in the moment, it’s something worth coming back to. When a follower chooses to save your post, you know that you have really gotten through to them. You have hooked them on your messaging, taught them something or brought up a new idea that they want to explore further. 

If someone saves your post, you know they’re coming back. 

Now, we do need to highlight that not every post is going to be worthy of saving and that is a-okay! Each piece of content should have a different purpose that works towards your goals, and the importance of saves is something to work into an overall social media strategy. 

How do you check your number of saves? 

There are two ways you can check the number of saves on each of your posts.* You can check them on an individual post by tapping on the ‘Insights’ button that appears over the image, then the number of saves appears under the flag icon in the top bar. 

Or you can look at the saves for all of your posts across a period of time by going into your Insights and sorting them by ‘saved’. This is a great way to assess which of your previous posts were save-worthy and how you can make those numbers grow! 

*Can’t find these nifty insight buttons? Make sure you have your Instagram page set as a Business Account! 

What can you do to increase your saves? 

The million dollar question. You might get sick of us saying this, but it’s going to take some trial and error to learn what your audience wants to see, engage with and, most importantly, squirrel away for later use. 

But never fear, there are some types of content that are proven to be more likely to get you those saves. First, start by thinking ‘what will people want to remember?’ and ‘what information could I share that people will want to come back to?’ and let those ideas flow. 

Share your expertise 

You have a wealth of knowledge on your industry – make sure you let the people know it! Without giving away all your tricks of the trade, pepper your knowledge into your social media posts so that you are recognised as a thought leader and an expert in your craft. How will your potential customers know you’re great at what you do if you don’t prove it? 

Show us how to use your product 

If you’re selling something, make sure your followers know what to do with it. This can be particularly effective if your goods have multiple uses – bonus points if you can think of a creative or novel use for your product that your customers may not have thought of before! 

Impart some wisdom

Social media can be seen as a vapid land of selfies but there are some people sharing some interesting insights – be one of those people! Try to post content that prompts discussion and encourage people to engage in the comments. If someone stumbles across the post and finds the topic interesting, they will save it so that they can review the full discussion at a later date. 

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