Earlier this month, Instagram CEO Adam Moserri released a video on his personal account announcing that Instagram will implement a test where its feed will look more like TikTok. 


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“One step on that path, we’re starting to experiment with, is a test where both photos and videos take up more of your screen,” he said in the announcement. 

The reason why he is taking this action is because “we’re moving Instagram to a place where video is a bigger part of the home experience, where the content is more immersive.” 

A number of users in the US have seen the change in their feed and find them quite unfavourable. People left negative reviews within Adam’s video saying that they would still prefer Instagram to be a photo-focus platform and not video. 

Famous tech YouTuber iJustine tweeted:  “So what platform do we go on to see and share photos now?” 

You may be asking the same thing or even wondering what you can implement into your brand’s content strategy to tackle this change, and prevent a massive engagement drop amidst the constant changes within the platform. 

As we have addressed in our last blog, it is important for you and your business to move your focus from still imagery to video content. 

Social media scheduling platform Later.com analysed the average engagement rate for images on Instagram has decreased by 38% – from 3.57% to 2.23% from 2020 to 2022. 

We have incorporated Reels to many of our client’s social media strategies, including llaollao, Rochford Wines, Splash Vodka, and more. We have seen a significant increase in reach and overall engagement ever since we started pushing Reels as part of our approach. 

Creating Instagram Reels should not be complicated or expensive. You can start with a phone and a tripod and just start shooting your product or services that you offer. You can even take several images and turn them into a stop-motion to create a variety! Finding catchy music or trending tunes that match will also boost your Reels potential. 

By being flexible to the change and prepared with the right strategy in hand, your brand can still thrive and succeed on this ever-changing platform! 

If you’d like to level up your brand’s Instagram game, contact us today at hello@moderncurrency.com.au and michelle@moderncurrency.com.au and our team of social media experts will help you!