As part of the exciting recent merger between leading marketing communications agencies, Modern Currency, and Hatching Communications, Directors Michelle Palmer and Sonia Rendigs have launched a new podcast, Truth Not Spin

Aimed at business owners, start-up founders, and companies who may be in the middle of rebranding or about to launch a new product; the podcast will offer raw, honest advice, drawn from years of hands-on experience. Truth Not Spin invites businesses to submit questions relating to marketing, communications, social media and brand – these questions could be anything from ‘which marketing tactics should I invest in with a minimal budget, to launch my brand?’ through to, ‘how can I be sure my brand message is right?’.  

To have problems solved and business questions answered, businesses simply need to submit a short overview about how the Truth Not Spin team can help them, sharing what they may be grappling with and what advice they will find useful, with each episode seeing a variety of businesses having their queries addressed with free and sound advice.

As highly-regarded experts in marketing, social media, and PR, Michelle and Sonia aim to provide transparency about business solutions, as well as sitting down each week with fellow esteemed industry experts from a variety of industries including media and journalism, other successful company founders and business owners, to assess and give feedback to those that have submitted their questions. 

The idea for the Truth Not Spin podcast came about because Michelle and Sonia are frequently asked for advice on a variety of marketing communications matters. With kindness and generosity at the heart of their business, Michelle said: “Over the years, I have happily provided hours of free advice because once upon a time, I was a start-up business founder too. I relied heavily on advice from colleagues and friends; people who gave me 15 to 30 minutes of their time, just ‘because’ meant the world to me, and still does. So, we wanted to do this too – giving a helping hand, addressing business owners’ problems, and sharing what we and our podcast guests have learned.” 

If you are a business or a start-up owner that would like to be featured in the ‘Truth Not Spin’ podcast, the team has invited businesses to submit short proposals telling them how they can help you, by emailing