The cornerstone of public relations is newsworthiness. It is not enough to be a great brand putting out a great product, you (or your fantastic PR team at Modern Currency) need to be positioning your stories in a way that makes media want to talk about you.

I like to think of it as a TV singing competition. On The Voice auditions they don’t only show the people with good voices, they highlight the people with interesting stories. Everyone needs a hook, a sob-story or something that sets them apart for the producers to pay attention and the audience to fall in love with their character. 

So, how can we create that hook for your brand, grab media’s attention and get them to press that big red button?


Hands down the best way to get into the media is to do something they have never seen before. Surprise them with a new product, idea or way of approaching something, anything that separates you from the masses of people who are fighting for the valuable space in journalist’s minds. The word ‘new’ is music to their ears and it is a great way to grab their attention before reeling them in with the information that makes your pitch stand out. Combined with product send outs or opportunities for media to experience your innovations themselves, it is the best way to prove your newsworthiness. 

Jump on trends 

We’re all for dancing to the beat of your own drum, but you will definitely be able to find opportunities by looking at what others are doing. It is important to look at the publications or programs you want coverage in, look at what they’re talking about and work reactively. We often talk about the difference between proactive and reactive PR, and both are incredibly important. If there is a popular topic in the zeitgeist and your brand can offer something productive to the conversation, it is the perfect time to jump on board. 

Share your expertise 

Publications are always looking for experts to provide comment on happenings of the world. If you have insights on your industry or the business world that you can offer, let the media know. Even if they don’t pick up the exact story you are pitching, if you are putting across some strong advice, they will take note. When a topic comes up that could use your commentary, you will be front of mind for the journalists to reach out for your insights. The only thing better than getting a mention in a great article or news story, is when the journalist sought you out to be involved. 

Look at your calendar  

There are so many days throughout the year the media are all over. Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. are all fantastic opportunities for inclusion in gift guides and wrap ups, but it’s not all about the national holidays. Anything you can think of, there is probably an international day celebrating it and the media will be writing about it. If you don’t believe me, google ‘International Donut Day’ and have a scroll through the thousands of stories (warning: proceed at your own risk because it will make you hungry). 

Chardonnay Day, Cocktail Day, Salami Day – the list is endless. Pour through the days that are relevant to you and mark them down on your calendar. Not only do they make for good pitches for media, they’re also great content prompts for your social media. If you can’t find a day celebrating something you offer, start one! 

These are some broad-strokes approaches to making your brand newsworthy. Every business has so many angles that can be leveraged for pitching to media and with a strategic PR calendar we can make sure every one of those is covered. If you’re interested in getting some amazing media coverage for your brand, reach out to 

Written by Shannon Hudson, PR & Creative Coordinator