Marketing is essential to direct both new and potential customers to your website. However, studies have shown that only 2% of visitors actually convert into a sale, upon their first time visiting a website. 

This is why retargeting is an extremely important aspect within your holistic marketing campaign. What does this mean? Targeting a customer once they have visited your website. 

By strategically aiming your ads to consumers who have shown interest in your brand, we are one step closer to closing a conversion. 

Your retargeting campaign is pretty much a reminder to say ‘hey, remember me? You visited my website not long ago!’ Whether you tease them with a discount, showcase like-minded products, or simply showcase their original product interest, remarketing might just be the final nudge they needed to make the purchase. 

You can also use retargeting campaigns as a form of awareness for consumers who have previously purchased something from you. You can use this marketing tactic as a way to inform them of new products/services added to your website, or perhaps you’d like to let me know about a sale that you have going on.

So how do you set up a retargeting campaign?

These types of campaigns are usually driven by trackers and cookies that are embedded within your website, so that you’re able to see who is browsing, but not converting.

Once you’ve established these potential customers, you can then set up advertisements aimed directly at them through a range of platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn ads… The list goes on! 

While you’re running these retargeting campaigns, you’ll be able to actively monitor how successful they are by measuring the objective of the campaign. Whether it’s the number of website clicks, form submissions, purchases or cost per lead (CPL).

It is necessary to actively monitor your campaigns, to decide which are performing better than others and alter the less successful ones, as required. Never set and forget. That is one rule we will never budge on. 

Does this sound like something your business could benefit from? 

If so, please get in touch to discuss how we can assist with you setting up remarketing campaigns, to get those unsure consumers over the line!

Article written by PR Account Executive, Jessica Duca.