Unlike anything the world has faced before, COVID-19 has brought drastic change to everyone’s lives. From a brand perspective the time to be reactive has never been more important, nor has the clarity of your messaging been a bigger priority.

Working in the marketing sphere we love to analyse, critique and improve the way our clients are advertising themselves across all touchpoints. And yes, while this pandemic is serious and we are loving the community spirit being spread by all, we have noticed that every COVID-19 commercial, digital advertisement and media buy is exactly the same. 

While humbling to witness bigger named brands pushing messages of hope, support and togetherness to customers globally –  when everyone is doing it in the exact same way, the message loses impact. It becomes less about connecting with customers and more about brands being seen to do the right thing. There’s no real value for the customer as they’ve seen a similar advertisement earlier that day, ultimately leaving the brand stagnant.

Raise your hand if you’ve seen the below messaging before? Raise it even higher if you’ve seen it multiple times a day from different companies…

‘We’re all in this together’

‘We know our community is facing challenges during these difficult times’

‘We’re here for you’

‘Unprecedented times’

We know we’re bored from the same old serious messaging displayed day in, day out across all advertising platforms. 

What do we suggest? 

Be clear with your message but clearer with your offering

It is all well and good to push a  ‘we’re all in this together’ campaign, but if you look at what everyone else is doing, it has become repetitive.. We suggest to include this but to flag what you’re doing, and more importantly what you’re doing differently. Even if COVID-19 has changed your business model, show that you’re still killing it in other ways.

Have fun with it

People are looking for light in this darkness. We know that the remainder of the year will likely have supportive and sensitive advertising everywhere we look – while remaining sensitive, be original and passionate about your offering. Whether that’s changed throughout COVID-19 or not, be the reason for someone’s smile.

Be reactive

Whether it’s changing up a social advertisement with altering lockdown laws or ensuring your content across social platforms is communicating the correct message.  Consider that now is a good time to strengthen your brand messaging, but make sure you are human and stay “on brand”. And with rapidly changing media consumption, adjust your media principles to fit your new channel mix.

Act on it

It’s all good to spread messages of support but think of ways your business can actively help the community throughout this time and actually do something about it. 

We’re innovators and thinkers, yes. But we’re also consumers too, we know what we like and what works well. We’re always here to lend friendly advice on how to improve your messaging throughout these ‘challenging times’. If you’re interested in getting some amazing shaking up your messaging for your brand, reach out to hello@moderncurrency.com.au. 

Article written by PR & Communications Assistant, Chloe O’Donahoo.