Whether you engage an outside source to manage your social media or take care of it inhouse, there are a myriad of different channels and types of content that you need to stay across. Between Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and every other social media out there, content calendars are getting more columns by the day. 

But never fear, there are tools out there that make collaboratively managing social media a dream. Whether your brand has a presence across every channel or one, these are the programs you need to be using, and you can trust us, because we have tried them all. 


The key to effective social media management is working in advance. It is easy to become stressed and overwhelmed by your platform if you are taking it day by day, constantly thinking about what to post and feeling like you’re chasing your tail. By working in advance and creating a calendar of content, you can make sure you are covering all your content pillars, curating an appealing feed and not pulling out any hair in the process. 

That’s where Trello comes in, you are able to organise your imagery, captions and tags into an easy calendar-like format. Content can be broken up into different cards for each channel so that you can see what will be going up across all your channels in one simple place. Not only will you have a comprehensive view of upcoming posts, but anyone who needs to look at or approve the content before it goes up will also be able to jump in and see everything clearly. 


Most of your posts can be scheduled in advance so that you are not spending half of your life posting. SkedSocial is a platform that makes it easy to curate your posts, visualise how they will look on your feed and schedule them so that they are posted at the optimal time automatically. It also collates a lot of data on your posts that will help you make the most of your platform and get the best engagement and reach for your posts. 

Dropbox or Google Drive

Whatever did we do before the invention of Dropbox and Google Drive? I know I spent a lot of time trying to locate lost USB sticks. Keeping all of your content organised into folders on an online cloud can save an incredible amount of time when you’re looking for something. Having a bank of images on hand that you can quickly pull from when you need to react quickly on your social media is something you don’t realise is important until you’re in the middle of a crisis trying to find the picture of a fish-finger you took back in 2016. 

Our hot tip: we do recommend making sure everything you have saved to an online cloud is also saved on a harddrive. There is nothing worse than losing content that you have spent hundreds of hours working on. 

Google Suite 

Good ol’ Google is not just for storing your files. Their Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides programs have also revolutionised the digital workplace. Creating documents that need to be shared and worked on collaboratively in the google suite allows everyone to be able to access everything they need at their fingertips. It is imperative that social media analytics are tracked and reported on frequently so that managers can assess what is working and what isn’t – doing this in a Google Sheet allows the whole team to be able to view the statistics and keeps everyone informed and accountable. 


While so much about social media can be pre-scheduled and shared across a cloud, sometimes your channels need a little bit of personal TLC. Whether that’s jumping on for an interactive follower Q&A or a video update on your Instagram stories, you Strip it back to basics and set a reminder in your digital calendar of choice. That way not only will you be reminded to jump on and engage with your followers, you can block out a period of time to do it. 
If you are looking for assistance with the management of your social media channels, drop us a line at hello@moderncurrency.com.au.

Written by Shannon Hudson, Creative Communications Coordinator.