Written by Nicole Maycroft, PR & Communications Lead

The social media, PR & marketing space is constantly evolving. Each and every week there are brand spanking new tools, channels, filters, functions, mediums and tactics that are becoming available to further enhance and advance our marketing strategies. 

Back in BC (before corona), we often got caught in the daily grind, and the luxury of having all this time to ourselves just didn’t exist. So, as we sit here in the comfort of our home, rather than dulling our brains with countless hours of scrolling & Netflix bingeing (don’t get us wrong, we are so extremely guilty of this) why not use this time to up-skill the ol’ brain and learn something new!?

Studying can be so damn expensive and let’s face it we’re all on a budget – thanks to coronavirus. But… There are legends out there in the world of the big wide web who are offering FREE online courses (yes, you read that correctly!)

We’ve pulled together a list of three companies that are on our radar, keeping us savvy and sane through isolation… 

General Assembly 

These guys are churning out all the goods. Our inboxes are constantly flooded (a good flood, not an unsubscribe kinda flood) with a range of accessible courses that we can’t get enough of.  Topics ranging from: Intro to UX Design, how to develop a content plan for LinkedIn, Intro into Digital Marketing, even how to kick start your own business. Win! Check them out for yourself here. 

Facebook Blueprint 

Zuckerberg is certainly keeping us on our toes, he is changing up Facebook’s functions more frequently than we change our underwear! To stay ahead of the game, we highly recommend Facebook Blueprint. Short and snappy tutorial videos that teach you the ins and outs of the beast that is Facebook. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, drive traffic to your website, or simply want to know what the hell a Facebook pixel is, Facebook Blueprint is your go-to guide. 

HubSpot Academy 

Our hats go off to HubSpot for allowing us to stay sharp and learn the latest marketing trends from leading experts. From a 20 minute speed series, to lengthier six-hour sessions, there’s something for everyone. Wrap your brain around the fundamentals of digital advertising, dive into the word salad of content marketing or sharpen up your SEO skills – the world is your oyster! To explore the free courses, check them out here. 

So, there you have it! Next time you’re sitting there thinking what the eff am I going to do today, jump online and get learning!