So you had a great PR hit through the week (thanks to your trusty PR & Marketing agency!) – now leverage it! Tell the world, your followers and your competition that you made it. The easiest way to do so? Content on your social media. 

Press coverage is an excellent complement to existing content strategies, and that’s because content marketing and PR go hand in hand. Without a strong PR team pushing your stories out, you miss coverage. And missing out on media coverage means missing out on the extended audience reach and validation from third-party sources you can’t obtain through your owned content alone.

The best part about PR coverage is that it is an incredibly powerful tool for achieving your marketing goals. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of bringing these two together:

  • Boost Credibility: Press mentions provide third-party validation to your message that’s nearly impossible to get through owned media. You can sing your own praises all day, but if no one else your audience trusts can back up what you’re saying, that credibility isn’t very strong. There’s a reason word of mouth is still hailed as a top form of marketing: People value the recommendations of others. When your company is mentioned by a trusted outside source, it adds major credibility to your brand.
  • Extend Brand Positioning: When your company has a clearly defined positioning strategy, press mentions can take your message a step further than the bubble of your sales pitch and extend your positioning into the world of your actual industry. Seeing your company as a part of the larger narrative validates your claim as a thought leader and achieves unique brand positioning goals that content marketing alone often struggles to do.
  • Fuel the Content Fire: When strategically published by the right sources, mentions can turbocharge your existing content strategy. Press mentions position you as an industry expert, generate and nurture leads, and educate your audience on new products or features. Combine your base of valuable content with a few mentions that expand your audience and you’ve fueled a blazing content fire.

This valuable earned media might just be the cherry on top that helps you reach new audiences and build your credibility through content.

If you’re reading this thinking, ‘Yeah, I’d love some good PR coverage to include in my social media content’, then drop a line at and let’s get the conversations started!

Written by Chloe O’Donahoo, PR & Communications Assistant