It feels like the term PR is thrown around so often, however many of us still don’t seem to understand what it actually is and why it’s so necessary, and as a master in PR and marketing, we thought we’d take the time to share a little of our inside knowledge.

PR (short for Public Relations) can be used for either a business, organisation or a person.

In simple terms, a PR practitioner manages the communication between an organisation and the public. We manage your brands reputation and not only help generate brand awareness by pushing out the stories you want to tell, but we can also act as fire extinguishers and manage any crisis comms or scenarios that might cause reputational damage to your brand.

In terms of generating positive brand awareness, we assist with formulating the key messages an organisation wants to share, identifying its target market, and we then help them amplify these messages through a range of campaigns, channels and tactics.

Whether a new brand is launching and they want us to spread the word/tell their story, maybe a business is releasing a new product/service or perhaps a company needs assistance with communicating vital information to their customers during a crisis – no matter what the message is, we are the messengers.

Below are a range of campaigns and tactics we carry out on a day-to-day basis, as a means of relaying key  messages and generating brand awareness.

Events: Yes, sometimes it’s like the movies where we get to plan and carry out an exciting event for our clients. There are a range of reasons why we’d usually opt to have an event, such as a business launch, a new product release or a milestone celebration. A PR agency does everything from finding the event space, to creating a running sheet of exactly how the night is going to pan out, to inviting all the key people who will help spread the key messaging of the event.

Media Pitching: This is a vital aspect of our profession. We either proactively pitch to the media by finding an appealing and appropriate angle to send across based around our key messages, or we reactively pitch to the media if we find that our key messaging is relevant to what they’re searching for.

Ideation: We often act as a creative sounding board for our clients to bounce ideas off. With such a competitive market, many businesses must keep evolving and improving to stay in front, so we regularly come up with a range of creative and unique campaign ideas that will set them apart from their competitors.

Activations: Sometimes, some of these ideas involve organising an activation. An activation is an engaging brand experience that increases brand awareness by making a memorable impact for those within the target market.

Social media: Social media platforms are a commonly used and widely popular platform by a majority of audiences. So over the recent years social media has evolved as a popular PR strategy, by creating and sharing meaningful content to convey key messages to mass audiences.

There are many more aspects involved in a PR role, but we hope this gives you a good insight into some of the common day-to-day tasks we help our clients with. 

For more information on how to align your brands key messages and generate positive PR, get in touch with our friendly team.

Written by Jessica Duca, PR Account Executive.