Consider where you fit within the media, before you start!

Are you considering raising your profile using public relations strategies? If so, who do you think you are? Where do you fit in?

Do those questions seem confronting? They shouldn’t. When people come to us asking us for PR to raise profile, it is important to ask yourself these questions.

It may seem confronting when you look at these questions as standalone, but in fact they’re super important questions you should be prepared to dive into and have us (or any good marketer/publicity specialist) ask of you when you want to succeed with your marketing and PR activity, to increase your brand’s profile, or to raise your personal profile.

So when you’re looking to seek assistance from us, be prepared for questioning!

Here’s some of our tips to help you determine if you are who you think you are, and if you fit where you think you fit: 

  • Who do you think you are? When you want to embark upon a PR campaign to raise your profile, or your brand’s profile, too often many companies and individuals really do not know their unique selling point, who they’re truly up against when a consumer is choosing between them or another brand.
    • While I am a huge believer in staying in your own lane, it’s also pertinent to speak with your advisors (and if it’s us – great!) about who you think you are, what do you think people know of you, and work out your 30 second elevator pitch.

  • Where do you think you should be seen? When you decide that you want to raise your profile and use PR for this purpose, it’s great to think big. Front cover of the daily paper. Primetime TV. But why? Yes, we do have great relationships with media however, it is also important for you to have great stories to tell. We will help you work on these, identify the strongest parts of your story, shape them and share them – but you need to be prepared to be realistic about what’s interesting for news. Please make sure you consume the media where you think you belong and should be seen, to ensure where you think you should be seen and the stories you think you should tell, are actually accurate.

  • How do you think your consumers will find out about you? Have you done any market research? Have you thought about how and where you will find your customers and if who you think will buy your product/listen to your story or be engaged with your services, will really be your target customer? This is so important. It’s so exciting to come up with creative ideas, or to share great stories but it is equally important to know who and where to target them.
    • We can help identify this with and for you if you’re not sure, but it is also important to have thought about research and what the market opportunity is for what you’re aiming to promote if you’re coming to us with a brand already developed. Never fear – if you’ve already created the brand and you’re not sure, we can deep dive into this with you to help!

  • What media do you – the brand owner or operator – consume and does it align with where you think your brand should be seen? (If you are your target market) As mentioned above, when you tell us where you want to be seen, where you would like your stories told, it is important that you are consuming this media too, to ensure these goals are realistic and you are well versed with these mediums.
    • We can help media train you but it can be a hard job seeking out a story if your story doesn’t belong in the medium.

  • Focus groups: focus groups and research can be expensive but they don’t have to be if you’re clever about it. Any research is better than none, we have found. So to help determine that you are who you think you are, ask around, carry out straw polls, any kind of Q&A to help inform you and us!

  • Be realistic of the job you’re tasking your communications team with: this is talking to all the points above. It is so important to be at least a little educated so that we are all good in our plans together and the goals set on who you think you are, are spot on!

Drilling down into what the ins and outs are is our job. PR to raise your profile is something we know a lot about – you cannot be an expert in everything, but DO take the time to understand the world you want to be seen in and have a presence within enough so that you can appreciate the work involved.

Written by Michelle Palmer, Director of Modern Currency.

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