It’s hard to remember a life without social media, let alone without a phone. It’s not only a way of simple communication, it’s a way to buy, share, tell stories, connect and enquire.

As a brand, social media plays an incredibly important role in brand communications. It’s the strategic marketing tool that is literally right at our very fingertips. By using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, brands are able to build relationships with audiences in a way that is authentic, accessible and achievable.

The classic line ‘out of sight, out of mind’ could not be truer when it comes to engaging with an online audience. Uploading consistent, relevant and engaging content will keep your audience reminded of what your brand is and what it stands for.

When used to its full potential, social media can unite a tribe of like-minded individuals, improve customer retention, drive brand awareness and provide an additional customer service platform.

In terms of making sales, a website is a great way to profile your brand and sell your products, however, if you’re not tapping into other online channels, chances are you’re missing out on revenue.

According to The Inside Australian Online Shopping report, from 2015-2016 online shopping spend increased by 10.4% and in 2016, Australians managed to shop away a staggering $21.65 billion online. Social media can help to drive these kinds of sales by garnering website traffic and acquiring new business opportunities.

So, if you’ve been putting off joining the social media revolution, it might be time to get your slice of the online pie.