As a PR & Marketing agency, we continue to work across just about every new platform from TikTok to television commercials, as a means to reach our clients’ desired audiences.

If your defined target market sits within the Gen Z age group (AKA True Gen), then you may or may not have figured out by now that the behaviours, values and spending habits of this generation differ immensely from the Millennials & Baby Boomers.

Understanding the who, what, why, when & how has never been so important to be able to develop the perfect marketing strategy.

Here’s a list of characteristics you should take careful note of, if you’re looking to promote your product or service to Generation Z (typically born between 1995 – 2015).

  1. Intrigued focus on economic prosperity and self – this essentially means that Gen Z prioritises their flexibility and overall quality of life, over the need to become extremely wealthy and materialistic. This is something to keep in mind when choosing the price points of what you’re offering.
  1. Individual expression and avoiding labels – Gen Z are focused on moving away from being grouped into definitive categories with their peers and instead want to be targeted as independent beings. Diversity within your marketing tactics is key – avoid generic labelling.
  1. Conscious of advertising & marketing tactics – in comparison to past generations, the True Gen are well aware and able to distinguish when they’re being advertised/marketed to. This needs to be kept in mind and used to your advantage. We’re not to deceive or fool our customers into purchasing something, we need to show that our efforts are in their best interest – we’re trying to actively show them that we think we have something that could be useful and might be of interest to them.
  2. Putting a high value on convenience – growing up in a digital age with easy access to the internet at the click of a button, a seamless and swift experience is what they’re searching for. The time your website takes to load a page could be the deciding factor in finalising a sale. If you’re asking for too many details when they’re trying to subscribe, this may cost you a lead.
  1. Low commitment – with so much choice, availability and option, Gen Z merits businesses with flexibility. They search for companies that enable them to easily turn things on and off when they want and need. 
  1. Environmentally aware – Gen Z has grown up with countless efforts to prevent global warming and are mindful about sustainability – a factor that often comes into play when making a final decision between you and your competitor.

If you’re focusing on promoting your products or services to this generation, each of these factors must be taken into consideration as a guideline. Gen Z isn’t afraid to pull people up on their mistakes, they’re cautious with their financial spending and put an importance on how they strategically manage their time. 

If you’d like some assistance with curating a marketing plan to successfully pull off a campaign aimed at the True Gen, please get in touch!

By Modern Currency.