In our many years of working in public relations and marketing in Melbourne, Sydney, across Australia and globally, one thing we often get referred to – other than our actual names – is, “the agency” or “the consultancy”.

 And yes, that’s what we are – we’re not paid employees on a contract where our superannuation, annual leave and other benefits are included, alongside job descriptions and KPIs. However, we are still on a contract and we still have a job description and KPIs.


The biggest differences as a marketing and communications agency, which is what can make us your very best friend – is that you get a whole team, not just one mind as you do with a marketing executive, or communications manager etc. We are all here for you. We are all on the lookout for opportunities to help your business succeed. We are always thinking for you. We know there are so many hours in the day, so we try and help it seem like there are more.

 We love this about what we do.

 We love offering you our skills across the board – as a communications agency or marketing consultancy (or however you’d like to refer to us) we can give as much or as little as you need via way of:

       marketing strategy and implementation

       marketing support to work with your existing team and help reach goals set for your business

       PR strategy and implementation

       PR support to work with your existing team and help drive results even farther and harder

       Social media strategy and implementation

       Social media support

       Content creation

       Photography and videography

       Event planning and implementation

       Event support

 You get the picture.

Every single time, you don’t just get one person; you can have our whole team looking out for your brand and your business. You can tap in and tap out of various skill sets as needed.


We love helping make you succeed.

Just like a regular employee, we are here to work hard with you and for you to achieve company goals. And, we do like it when you treat us nicely.

As “the agency” we are still people, just like your regular employees.


 We can’t wait to work with you. Let’s do it. Let’s be best friends.