We are a PR and Marketing Agency with a difference.

Looking for a PR Agency or Marketing Agency in Melbourne? Well, hi there!

Once upon a time, a marketing manager decided they needed some support from a fabulous, creative Public Relations and Marketing Agency – ta-da! Here we are. Welcome to Modern Currency – a communications crew that loves some occasional alliteration, not conforming and flipping things on their head.
We do things differently here – as tastemakers and professional communicators, we are a leading PR & Marketing consultancy in Melbourne and Sydney. A team of disruptive creatives, publicists, digital marketers, copywriters and events specialists, we bring you the entire gamut: PR, Marketing, Events, Social Media, Digital, Graphic Design, and Branding.

Our global PR and Marketing agency team in Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong and LA understand the power of a good image, love dogs and have a coffee addiction that is only equal to our obsession with creative messaging.

We are a leading PR & Marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia.

We're headed up by two fearless female communication experts,
Michelle Palmer & Sonia Rendigs. They’ve had extensive experiences
in public relations and marketing over many years.
Our Directors lead our business with heart, strategy
and a no BS attitude that always delivers results.

We're PR, Marketing and Communications experts that understand business - both big and small.

As a leading PR & Marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia, we understand the industry and deliver real, tangible results that demand attention.

Our global reach sees us working in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA.

We offer services such as PR, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Events, Issue and Crisis Management, Media Buying and more.


We create public relation strategies that demand attention.

Social Media

Utilise your social media platforms to build a tribe.

Content Creation

Content is king, or queen as we like to say.


Let us take your marketing to the next level. Be bold!


Engage your tribe with hands on, kick-arse events and activations.

Issues & Crisis Management

We mitigate risks and protect your brand reputation.

Media Buying

We’re smart advertisers. We create ad campaigns that drive results.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategy is our jam.

Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic design team can bring marketing assets to life.

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We are a leading PR & Marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia with more than 30 years of collective experience in the ever-changing world of mass media, communications and marketing.

We offer services such as PR, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Events, Issues & Crisis Management, Media Buying and more.

We are located in Melbourne but we have a team of experts across Singapore, Hong Kong and LA. Get in touch with our friendly team today!

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