Meet Our Founders

Michelle Palmer and Erin Sing from Modern Currency
Michelle Palmer

Michelle Palmer


If you ask anyone who has met Michelle before, they would describe her as an inspiring, attentive, thought leader, with wise and discerning solutions to every problem.

Michelle is a creative idea-holic, strategic marketer and PR guru with over 20 years of experience under her belt.

In her rich career, Michelle has finessed her skills in the health, beauty, fashion, startup, FMCG and B2B industries, boasting a wealth of knowledge when it comes to therapeutic goods, health claims and A-beauty.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Michelle is known for producing work of a high calibre under strict timelines and demanding briefs, regardless of the hour.

Michelle delivers tactical and creative communications plans which deliver direct messages with lasting impression, working with brands from inception to execution in the global market.

Michelle uses her extensive skill set to successfully marry brands with their target audience, from The Lion King and Kill Bill with Disney, to fusing two of the greatest culinary and hospitality brands together, Rochford Wines & Gradi Group, birthing an epic partnership that benefits everyone from hungry consumers to wine connoisseurs.

Her bag of tricks includes a communications strategy that will make any seasoned marketer well up with pride, effective social media campaigns, disruptive traditional and new-gen PR, successful media buy and large scale activations.

She’s a ripper of a singer, is affectionately dubbed our karaoke superstar and has a heart of pure gold, with a side of great fashion and a boss-ass blazer.

A single encounter with Michelle will leave you feeling encouraged, motivated and empowered. 

If you’re after the next best for your business, why not drop her a line? (And a latte with one sugar, while you’re at it).

WHERE SHE HAS EARNED HER STRIPES: Disney, Parmalat (Vaalia, Zymil), Emporium Melbourne, Chadstone, Target, Corona, Mattel, Edward Meller, Rochford Wines, and many more. 

Erin Sing


If you were to spend as little as five minutes with Erin, you would realise very quickly that she is an apt, savvy and intuitive individual.

With over a decade of in-house and agency experience, dabbling in the food, beverage, business, start-up, tech and growth industries, Erin has spent her career connecting consumers to brands, in both unique and pioneering ways.

Erin gets her kicks out of analysing, strategising and immersing herself in a brand to know their tribe in and out. Tackling problems head first, she provides a creative, progressive and left-of-centre approach when it comes to marketing products, telling a story and highlighting a brand’s achievements.

With an extensive knowledge of the media industry, cultivating relationships with journalists and KOLs, Erin’s transparency, kind disposition and the ability to write a killer press release has contributed to her success as a communications professional and leader. 

Erin is the (humble) powerhouse behind the birth of winescream in Australia, the famous Puppies & Pinot Festival, and has worked with some of the world’s biggest names and biggest brands including American entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk. 

Erin prides herself on being a brand’s biggest advocate, integrating with her clients to fully understand their business, teams and the bigger picture.  

Her bag of tricks is brimming with global PR experience, digital marketing, influencer marketing, social media strategising, pulling off large-scale activations, dealing with issues & crisis management and a handy wealth of knowledge on the wine industry. 

Give the gal a glass of Chardonnay, a selection of fine cheese, an all-inclusive trip to the Maldives and a sneaky mention of her insta-famous dog, Griffin and you’ve got a happy Erin. 

If she sounds like your cup of tea, why not take the plunge and see how she can help your brand succeed. 

WHERE SHE HAS EARNED HER STRIPES: Vinomofo, Cadbury, Target, ASM Liquor, Tourism Malaysia, Exodus Travels, Moose Toys, Rokeby Farms, Frank Green and many more.