Issues & Crisis Management Agency

A crisis can happen to any business and your best bet is to be well prepared with experts in your corner.

Issues & Crisis Management Services

At Modern Currency, we have the necessary tools to assist you with preparing, responding and recovering when things go wrong.

We don’t view things with rose coloured glasses. We approach from every angle, every perspective and every possible approach. Our role is to protect your brand.

Think of us as your brand superheroes – instead of capes and magic powers, we’ve got effective communication.

We know our art, we know what to say and when to say it, and we don’t stop until every fire is out. We care about your brand and when things go wrong, we will jump in and help you through different strategies and tactics.


We offer the following Issues & Crisis Management services to support you such as:

  • Crisis Management
  • Brand Protection
  • Reputation Management
  • Product Recall
  • Media Training

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