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Every day is an exciting journey filled with lots of creative challenges!


As a Social Media, Design and Content Manager at Modern Currency, every day is dynamic. The role requires me to work across multiple client accounts – everything from curating engaging social media content to crafting eye-catching designs and creating compelling written materials.

In this role, I’m not only responsible for curating captivating digital content, I also need to maintain regular communications with our clients. This includes conceptualising and producing digital content that represents each client across multiple social media platforms. It involves crafting social media strategies and content plans that include graphic design assets, photography and videography, all complemented by engaging and on-brand copywriting. 

Having a deep understanding of a client’s brand and business is also crucial to the role. Staying well-versed in the landscape of social media and digital marketing ensures that content consistently aligns with the client’s objectives and makes sure their brand is being seen by a wider audience. Interactions with clients include updates, feedback on work in progress, and a commitment to delivering exceptional content. 

Running paid ad campaigns and analysing engagement metrics, such as likes, shares, comments, and cost-per-click, is also a significant part of the role. This data-driven approach is important in refining your content strategy, ensuring it aligns with overarching marketing objectives of your client. 

In addition to this, I wear another important hat – that of a graphic designer. A graphic designer needs to skillfully design visual elements that enhance the overall aesthetics of social media posts and other digital assets. Everything from creating eye-catching graphics, EDM layouts, templates, social tiles, marketing materials and packaging, ensuring that every piece of collateral is not only engaging but also visually cohesive with the brand’s identity.

The work involves selecting appropriate colour schemes, typography, imagery and other design elements to convey messages effectively and leave a lasting impression on the audience. Whether it’s designing packaging for PR boxes or crafting attention-grabbing visuals for promotional brochures, as a graphic designer you play an important role in maintaining brand consistency and elevating content quality.

And on top of all that, the role of photographer is also significant. As a photographer, using both DSLR and iPhone, you leverage your eye for aesthetics and technical expertise to capture striking visuals that align with your client’s narrative. Whether it’s F+B photography,  taking behind-the-scenes shots at events and activations or creating captivating lifestyle imagery, your photography skills contribute immensely to the overall content planning process.

In the multifaceted role of a Social Media, Design, and Content Manager at Modern Currency, every day is an exciting journey filled with lots of creative challenges. This exciting role involves working across various client accounts, where the primary objective is to craft compelling digital content that speaks to target audiences and that resonates on different social media platforms.